URDT in partnership with TUMUBASU built for Nyakashema group a community Irrigation System.

Nyakasheema Cooperative is a farmer group that is found in Rutete Sub-county Kagadi District. In November 2018, the URDT Farmer Family Learning Group (FFLG) Coordinator and Peace Corps Volunteer provided technical support to the group in Ruteete to help them complete an application to TUMUBASU for an irrigation system. The application was successful and TUMUBASU has constructed an irrigation system for Nyakasheema Cooperative.

Tuleeta Mukisa Bafuna Subi, (TUMUBASU) Inc. (”we bring luck, they receive hope”) is a U.S. non-profit organization founded by a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Samantha Strimling. After witnessing the aftermath of drought and farmers’ dependence on rainfall, Samantha worked with the Agricultural Extension Officer in her district (Mayuge) and a locally-based engineer to design an irrigation system that is elegant, easy, and relatively affordable to construct which collects and stores rainfall for farmers to distribute to their cropsMwalimu Musheshe the Vice Chancellor ARU congratulated the members of Nyakashema farmers cooperative and the URDT team (Jessica) who helped network and bring in the technology, and also he encouraged the Epicentre manager for Rutete to keep the advice from TUMUBASU and take each advice and translate it in actionable or workable steps and become useful operational guidelines.

The Programs Administrator URDT Rebecca Lunyolo advised the members of the group to use the system to improve their agriculture practices to increase productivity and income. Since the Pump is mobile, the members were advised that in future they can consider hiring it to non members of the group at a cost.

The pump was constructed mainly by Ayesiga Moureen head of appropriate technology URDT with support of engineers from TUMUBASU and the members of the community.

Kiiza Nobert

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