URDT and ARU held a staff conference from 10th to 12th january 2018 with an aim of examining performance, deliverables and impact expected for 2019.

The vice chancellor of African Rural University who is also the founder of Uganda Rural Development and Training(URDT) program, an NGO based in Kagadi district, Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe called on the staff of the organization to play a leading role in rural transformation.

Speaking during a two day conference for the URDT and ARU staff at URDT multi-purpose hall in Kagadi town , Dr. Mwalimu said, it’s the responsibility of every staff to implement the organization’s programs in order to transform communities.

He urges the staff to focus on providing local institutions with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in order to help people improve their lives and transform their communities.

The Chief Operations Officer(COO) Mr. Herbert Tumuhimbise, encouraged the staff to uphold the core principles of the URDT organization to ensure that the communities are transformed.

The Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT) empowers marginalized people in rural areas of Uganda by focusing on the “missing link” in development programs.

URDT uses a people-centered approach by combining rural development projects with consciousness raising, training, education and information sharing to facilitate integrated, self-directed, and sustainable development in surrounding communities.

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