Services are pertinent in an organization and for it to exist; it will always depend on services to enable its operations. Therefore for several years, URDT has run different sustainability projects in the organization and these have generated incomes which have aided running of some activities within the organization and especially the sustainability section like paying casual workers, and operation costs.

The Directorate of Corporate Services is composed of the following Units:

  1. Events Management Services
  2. Audio-visual
  3. Information Technology (IT)
  4. Transport
  5. Catering
  6. Accommodation
  7. Health Counseling and Enrichment
  8. Business bureau which includes among others the following Units: the demonstration farm which is called a Business Farm, Metal and Carpentry Workshop, Secretarial Bureau, Canteen. 


A learning directorate that serves its staff URDT/ARU, Schools and Community members with better services taking into account satisfaction, knowledge sharing and continuity as a priority.


Envisage multiplicity of services offered by the Directorate and self-sustaining, taking into account the interests of URDT/ARU staff, students and external clients of the larger community.

Strategic Objectives

  1. A directorate that learns together and are fluent with the methodology and philosophy of URDT.
  2. A Directorate with Facilities, tools and equipment for service delivery available, adequate and conducive for all internal and external customers.
  3. Enhanced productivity and profitability of the different Units of the Directorate.
  4. A directorate that demonstrates maximum land utilization and income generating projects for institutional sustainability and sustainable service delivery to the community.
Kiiza Nobert