URDT holds a societal vision for Uganda as captured in the values of peace, prosperity, health, freedom, and happiness based on :
Uganda is a social and economic giant. It needs to use its intelligent, resilient, and change-oriented people to harness, and distribute fairly, the products of the country’s abundant natural resources; including precious minerals, water, forest products, genetic resources, hydrocarbon fuels, and the potential for solar energy.
Uganda is a country of hope, social revival, and creativity in developing a new world order. Uganda needs to leverage the existing rich creativity of the nation – poetry, drama, music, dance, philosophy, food, dress, and the traditional hospitality of the extended family.
People with the same language, separated by arbitrarily set national borders, can share much. Time-tested methods of conflict resolution, societal management, social cohesiveness, spirituality, and respect for Mother Nature, can all be applied for the advancement of society.
Uganda has enlightened, active people who aspire to participate as equal partners in global events, and to offer equal opportunities for all, including access to education, health services, justice and security, peace, freedom (including movement), choice of by whom and how to be governed, prosperity and comradeship across the continent.

Kiiza Nobert