URDT was founded to address the missing link in development programmes, the merger of:

  • truly functional education;
  • consciousness and conscience raising;
  • skills training;
  • rural development interventions.

with the intent of empowering marginalized people living in rural communities in Uganda.

Since 1987, URDT has evolved, applied and tested a rural development methodology based on the principles of the creative process and systems thinking.

Rural development requires a resource base of people who are catalysts, subject matter specialists and energizers to work alongside marginalized communities to make change happen. To that effect, URDT:

  1. Has founded formal innovative education institutions that train young people to become catalysts of change by using the URDT methodology:
    The award winning URDT Girls School that uses the 2-generation approach to education;
    The award winning URDT Institute for Vocational Training and Youth Leadership;
    The African Rural University
  2. Adopted a primary and secondary community schools to pilot test the 2-generation approach in a community school setting;
  3. Training and Sending Epi Center Managers in the community to create a critical change;
  4. Manages an award winning community radio station: KKCR 91.7 FM to raise shift mindsets and develop commitment to fundamental change in thinking and action;
  5. Developed capacity of non state actors and local government for greater impact.
Kiiza Nobert