URDT awakened people’s minds by emphasizing making health a fundamental choice in the communities through implementing a three-year project on cervical cancer prevention and control in Kagadi District. Through providing information on cervical cancer (awareness creation), providing cervical cancer screening, and treatment of precancerous lesions, treatment for precancerous was done using two treatment devices that is thermal arbitration and thermal coagulation devices.

The project that started in June 2017 and ended in November 2020, has left women’s lives changed through accessing free cervical cancer screening services and free treatment of precancerous lesions, and men understanding the relationship between good health and economic development.

A total of 9038 men and women received information on cervical cancer prevention and control through sensitization meetings in respective sub-counties, 2milliom people received information through radio programs on Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio.

8041 women were screened for cervical cancer using the Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) method, 7498 were negative, 517 women were tested positive, 419 women were treated with the precancerous lesions and 98 women were referred to Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) for further management.

With a strengthened partnership with the district stakeholders, the sustainability plan for the project is being implemented by the Kagadi General Hospital team. After URDT providing Materials for treatment to the Hospital, cervical cancer screening, and treatment services are still provided at Kagadi Hospital every Monday competently by health workers who were trained during project implementation.

Handover of Cervical Cancer Screening Equipment to Kagadi Hospital and District Officials

With the new funding from European Union URDT will be providing cervical cancer screening services in Kikuube district with the aim to build on and upscale existing screening programs with women-friendly and cost-effective tools. This is targeting 90,000 women who will be screened and sensitized on cervical cancer prevention and control.

URDT Nurse sensitizing women on the importance of cervical cancer screening
Cervical Cancer Project nurses receiving training on cervical cancer Screening
Dr. Marlieke de Fouw explaining the use of thermal coagulation in cancer screening
Kiiza Nobert