Three graduates of Uganda Rural Development and Training Institute (URDT-I) showcase skills and their products at Helipad gardens, Serena Hotel in Kampala. The showcase took place on 23rd October, 2023 where twenty one partners of the Foundation participated. This was as a result of the visit by the Executive Committee of the Mastercard Foundation where young people presented their businesses and also told stories of their journeys.

Adrian Bukenya the CD on right leading the ED, Mastercard Foundation to the display

The Executive Director and president of Mastercard Foundation,Reeta Roy acknowledged young people for sharing their inspiring stories and appreciated seeing young people doing businesses. “The beginnings are always challenging but it is always amazing that you are inspiring young people by training, coaching and sharing knowledge with them. As we move forward, entrepreneurship is going to be one of those beautiful stories ahead”. She added.

The Executive committee visiting stalls of exhibitors

Dr.Mwalimu Musheshe also visiting stalls of exhibitors

Fatumah Birungi the associate, country communications, public affairs and communications at Mastercard Foundation Kampala, Uganda said; URDT-I was the only partner that was represented by three young people because of the unique model thus; Satellite Approach.

The representatives of URDT-I included; Lilian Atimango a bee farmer from Buliisa district who participated in the fire side chart, Diyozi Yosia a domestic electrician from Kyegegwa district and Susan Kyokusima, a motorcycle repairer from Kibaale district.

Atimango Lilian attending to her client

According to Lilian Atimango, youth in work should love what they are doing and that in loving your work, you gain more energy to be so creative and innovative. “I am very delighted sharing my story to the audience, this was very amazing”. She added.

 Diyozi Yosiah, acknowledged URDT-I for having appointed him to represent other many young people in work and is grateful for the confidence he has gained in showcasing his skills to the big dignitaries Yosia, Susan and Lilian are a representa

Yosia, Susan and Lilian are a representation of 41,915 young people trained by URDT-I in twenty districts and four refugee settlements in Mid-west and Mid-central Uganda under the Satellite Approach of training where young people are trained from their communities by model Artisans and Agribusiness Practitioners. These learn, work and earn during training. To date, URDT-I has empowered 520 learning centers in communities.

Kiiza Nobert