The Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT), in partnership with Grassroots Economics (GE) of Kenya, is set to pilot the Community Asset Voucher system in rural communities of Uganda, aiming to develop a socio-economic model for rural transformation.

URDT, is a rural-based organization founded in 1987, has the mission to enable the people of Uganda to recognize and embody a common vision and values, working together to create peace, prosperity, health, freedom, and happiness for themselves.

Given the shared values and overlapping strategies in East Africa, the two organizations will pilot the Community Asset Voucher for Rural Transformation in five sub-counties: Burora, Kagadi, Pacwa, Kyanaisoke, and Ruteete, all in Kagadi District, Bunyoro sub-region.

This initiative followed several engagements, including a three-week orientation of URDT/ARU and Grassroots Economics staff in Community Asset Voucher, Visionary approach, and Ecosystem restoration at the URDT Campus in Kagadi district, Uganda.

Members learning the Community Asset Voucher System during a three-week training

By honoring the cultural heritage of traditional practices and incorporating them into the digital economy, this strategy ensures a harmonious, inclusive, and prosperous community ecosystem, paving the way for a future where community-driven economic models thrive. This comprises a range of activities, including Rotational Labor Associations, community services, and markets, representing an innovative approach to blending traditional economics with contemporary community development.

According to William Ruddick, the Executive Director of GE, through Community Action Planning, these activities leverage CAVs to promote economic empowerment, foster social cohesion, and advance sustainable initiatives within communities.

The team visited Burora Women’s Leadership Circle in Burora Sub-County to acquire testimonies of the Visionary Approach.

Kiiza Nobert