The Farmer Mobilization, Education, Value-Addition, and Service Delivery Campaign in Kagadi district was successfully held at Kanyansi grounds in Kagadi town council on Friday, October 6th, 2023.

The campaign was led by the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, accompanied by the Agriculture State Minister, Fred Bwino Kyalulaga, and other distinguished dignitaries who visited model farmers, including Wamala Swizen in Kyarutale, Omukwenda Turyamureeba in Isunga, Mr. Bamwine Nathan in Kyomunembe, and URDT’s Mini Estate and Processing Enterprises (MEPE) in Kagadi Town Council.

While at MEPE, the Premier was impressed by the Mini Estate Processing Enterprise (MEPE) and encouraged URDT to continue helping farmers in communities. “The URDT estate is one of the best examples we have in the country, and Dr. Mwalimu has been tremendous in mobilizing farmers, empowering them, so I really appreciate the efforts and ask you to continue supporting our people,” she said.

This was supported by the Agriculture State Minister, Fred Bwino Kyalulaga, who stated that the ministry would effectively support MEPE since the estate encourages value addition and fosters effective marketing strategies within the farming community.

Previously, URDT was selected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) to pilot together with the farmers in greater Kibaale the concept of value addition in agriculture and move subsistence farmers, especially women, to become commercial farmers.

It was aimed at supporting the transformation of subsistence farmers into commercial farmers. URDT partners with high-level farmer groups to manage an agro-processing plant the so-called “mini-estate”. After the visit, the Prime Minister and other delegates attended the Expo held at Kanyansi grounds in Kagadi town. The expo aimed to achieve several key objectives, including driving mindset change among farmers, promoting strategic enterprise selection, facilitating access to

affordable agricultural financing options, and ensuring the provision of high-quality inputs such as seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, and more.

Farmers including URDT Institute graduates, Mini Estate Processing Enterprises (MEPE) and others from the community showcased their latest technologies and products through well-organized exhibition stalls, highlighting a collaborative effort to invigorate Uganda’s agricultural landscape.

Enoch Kyabadde explaining URDT Institute’s agricultural techniques to the Prime Minister

Rt. Hon Robinah Nabbanja emphasized the importance of the expo as a catalyst for change within the local agricultural landscape. She highlighted the significance of promoting a shift in mindset among farmers, encouraging them to adopt modern techniques and best practices.

“We want people to improve their household income. The government has initiated a number of programs, including Operation Wealth Creation and the Youth Livelihood Project, among others, aiming at empowering the public to facilitate the already improved infrastructure in the country,” the prime minister said.

Engineer George from the Uganda Communications Commission inspected the Kagadi-Kibaale community television studios and promised to take the necessary steps to get the TV on the air. He also advised URDT to coordinate with UBC to secure programming for digital television.

“I inspected the standard of the machines and found that they are up-to-date, so URDT should plan on getting licensed by UCC and coordinate with UBC to have the TV on the air,” George said. Meanwhile, some model farmers who participated in the expo went back home with a million smiles after being donated agricultural equipment by the government through Prime Minister Nabanja. They also praised the government for bringing such an exhibition closer to them, asserting that it has helped them acquire new knowledge and skills regarding farming

Prime Minister inspecting the exhibition stalls

After extensive farmer education from renowned agriculture experts, the day was climaxed by music performances from popular artists. The event attracted the Transport State Minister Fred Byamukama, Finance State Minister Henry Musasizi, Minister of State for Water Aisha Sekindi, UNRA ED Allen Kagina and the Women Council Chair Faridah Kibowa, district leaders, among other distinguished guests.

Similar expo on Saturday 7th was organised in Kibaale at Buyanja SS, and on Sunday 8th at Kakeeka grounds in Kakumiro district.

Kiiza Nobert