Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT) is an indigenous organization founded in 1987 with a vision of transforming Uganda and Africa as a whole. URDT’s Visionary Approach has influenced development both at local and national levels. Through this approach, communities have looked at development holistically and have grown rapidly through the period of its work. It has not stopped at the level of working with communities but has practically demonstrated the applicability of the approach and created impact at different levels.

In 2002, Mustardseed Trust interestingly partnered with URDT by providing financial and ideological support to include people in the economic system that concurrently protects nature’s life-support systems and enables well-being for all.

On 5th March 2023, URDT hosted her friends (partners) from Mustardseed Trust for a four-day visit with an aim of cementing their relationship for a continuous bond and foster collaboration in ‘awakening the sleeping genius in each of us’.

Interactions shortly after the debrief
Bela, Dr. Musheshe and others at the center for reflection

Mustardseed Trust is a charity organization that was founded in 2001 with an aim of enabling organisations and individuals to create economic systems based on partnerships that nurture the web of life.

A team of four members from the organization; the founders, Bela and Ellen Hatvany, Alida Bakema-Boon the Chair of the Board of Trustees and Emmy van Kleef the Managing Director were warmly welcomed by URDT family.

These engaged in the daily foundation course where the visionary approach, creative process, the antiquity and relationship of Mustardseed Trust and URDT were discussed.

Emmy the Managing director Mustardseed Trust facilitating the foundation course

Various discussions on sustainable agriculture practices, road map toward charter acquisition, landscape-approach to ecosystem functions among others were held. The team toured around the URDT campus and conducted a field visit at the Goodyear farm and education center in Kitema Village Kyenzige sub-county in Kagadi district to witness the smart agriculture practices.

Discussion on sustainable agriculture and ARU insights into practice
Emmy hands over “The care revolution” magazine to Dr. Mwalimu
Charles Kisembo Goodyear briefing the team on smart agriculture The team touring around Goodyear farm in Kitema

Bela, Ellen, Alida and Emmy joined the URDT family to celebrate world international women’s day that embraces the credibility of women in the world. On this day, a number of activities were performed, among which include; a public lecture by Miss Zula Namubiru and Nuluyati Nalwadda, both lecturers at Makerere University on Science, innovation, technology and gender, entertainment from URDT Girls school and ARU students among others.

Alida hands over a book of women with substance to the founders of Mustardseed Trust on international women’s day
Emmy speaking to the congregation on International women’s day
URDT girls school make a ‘W’ formation during entertaining on women’s day
Alida enjoying lunch with URDT Girls school student on women’s day

Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe the vice chancellor African Rural University and the founder of URDT applauded the team from Mustardseed Trust for the love, trust and the renewed commitment in supporting URDT. He promised to walk the journey together to close the missing links in development programs.

He however challenged staff on how contracts are contradictory to partnerships that are built on trust and used a case of the British monarchy.

Bela appealed to URDT family to rethink on how they view themselves as singulars but beings that are made of other components. He further challenged them to involve themselves in change.

Dr. Mwalimu, Staff and URDT Girls school students attending women’s day celebrations at the multi-purpose hall
Dr. Mwalimu speaking to the congregation on women’s day
Bela, Ellen and Emmy receiving gifts from URDT Girls school students
Bela the founder of Mustardseed Trust speaking to the congregation on women’s day
Kiiza Nobert