Pioneer student at URDT Institute.

I joined Uganda Rural Development and Training Institute (URDTI) in the year 2003 when I was a volunteer at Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio (KKCR) practicing news reading.

Am among the pioneer students and by then the institute was called Institute of Business Vocation, and Media studies (IBVMS). By the time we started our studies, I had opted to study Purchase and Supply management and I was in class for six (6) months, but because I was working for the radio and being sponsored by the institute, I was advised to switch to Media studies.

I joined the institute when I had just completed senior four (O-Level) at Kagadi Peoples’ secondary school in Kagadi town. I couldn’t complete A-level because I had no guardian after losing my father and was staying with my mother who was aged in the year 2000.

After joining the institute, it was the only hope for my future as a youth, I had no other option, I got determined, committed until I completed my certificate of two years in Journalism and Mass communication. I became a media practitioner after attaining my certificate sponsored by the institute. This gave me courage because I was joining the media fraternity as a professional.

In the year 2005 while at the same Institute, I applied for upgrading at a diploma level and I was granted an opportunity. By then I continued with Journalism and Mass communication and it was examined by Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) and graduated in 2007.

The training we got from URDT Institute was “organic” and Holistic in the sense that, whoever was trained in our class using that background is a successful Journalist and others are working with the public sector currently.

Am currently working with Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio (KKCR) as a programs officer and this is the uniqueness of URDT Institute, that whenever a student completes a course successfully with additional skills, most of the time he/she is given an opportunity to work in the different departments of URDT.

Basing on the initial training in Journalism and Mass communication at URDT Institute, I have successfully upgraded by graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in the same course from Uganda Pentecostal University Fort Portal campus.  

During the period spent working at URDT, I have witnessed and participated in several functions organized by the institute, encouraging students to engage in leadership ventures, form education groups, and sometimes engage them in debates. 

URDT Institute remains a reputable institution in the region, many of its old students, Men and Women are earning their living using the skills and knowledge they acquired from URDTI. When one moves around in the diverse communities, will find most of the Old Boys and Old girls in business related to artisanry, Welding, Carpentry, and mechanics. Others are working with reputable organizations around and beyond Kagadi district. 

Embrace and create a link with URDT Institute for a holistic training, a modern global skills’ home.

Birungi B. Mark

Programs officer 

Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio

Tel. +256782619026 (for live streaming)     

Kiiza Nobert