A two weeks visionary planning workshop organized by URDT was held at URDT Centre for reflection Hall in Kagadi town council, Kagadi district.

It was facilitated by Robert Fritz the author and trainer of the principles of the creative process and Dr.Mwalimu Musheshe the CEO URDT and Founder of ARU institutions that have used this approach since 1986. This workshop was sponsored by URDT Friends and Partners, Mustard Seed.

The participants included URDT and ARU staff, members of the two Governing bodies and 4 representatives of Mustard Seed (50 persons), Counterparts of our Epicentre Managers, the sub-county chiefs, chairmen, community development officer, the Epicenter Managers (76 persons), District Local Government; the Chairman, Speaker, Resident District Commissioner, Chief Administration Officer; the deputy CAO, the Production Officer, the Education Officer and the Health officer and some invited quests (30 persons)

The purpose of the workshop was to equip the participants with skills in the application of the Visionary Approach in the planning and implementation of their day to day activities.

According to Robert Fritz, the Creative Process is the most successful process in history which leaders have a chance to use if they want to be effective in their day to day life. He urged leaders to work in teams for good progress.

He emphasized that if leaders are not creating what they want to work towards, they tend to react or respond to circumstances which make them stark. He also added that Circumstances lead to Problem-solving which also leads to more actions.

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