URDT and ARU Uplifts Traditional Culture Through the Food and Seed Fair Event.

The traditional food and seed fair event was organized by African Rural University – ARU and Uganda Rural Development and Training Program – URDT on October 04, 2019 at URDT Multipurpose hall in Kagadi town to showcase different indigenous and traditional foods and seeds from Ugandan tribes and cultures, including their preservation, preparation, value addition and consumption.

It also aimed at creating awareness on the value of indigenous/traditional food systems, farmer-managed seed systems and their contribution to agro-biodiversity preservation and food sovereignty.

Mr. John Tusiime, lecturer ARU speaking on behalf of Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe Vice-Chancellor ARU encouraged students and staff to be creative in the work they do given that even in the local food that was showcased, the ancestors used to eat was prepared with creativity that would bring out something unique with nutrients on the table.

He Urged the public especially the young generation to reduce the amount of modern foods they eat if they want a health life and to strengthen their immunity.

Modern foods expose bodies to various diseases like heart diseases, said Mr.Tusiime.

The event involved ten groups of experts to share on the policy frameworks, benefits, current threats and challenges faced by Farmer Managed Seeds Systems (FMSS) and strategies to promote them.

The groups prepared (cooked) traditional foods, where Rhoda group from ARU was crowned the champions of the first-ever traditional seed and food fair event.

The chief adjudicator, Nyamahunge Mary the Director of KANI Nutri Centre Kagadi crowned Rhoda group as the best scoring 60%, followed by African Woman with 40%, Banyoro Batooro scored 37%, Teso Group 35%, Kabatoro 25%, and URDT Girls attained 24%.

The leaders of the best teams expressed happiness saying they used the real traditional foods and materials to cook their foods.

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