URDT under the Gender Community Cooperation Development Programme (GCCDP), is implementing a project titled “Enjoying Life, Saving Women from Cervical Cancer”, in partnership with Female Cancer Foundation (FCF), and with support from Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI), African Rural University (ARU), Kagadi District Local Government, Kagadi Hospital and other stakeholders.

This is a pilot project that is being implemented in Kagadi District to prevent precancerous lesion to turn into cancer of the cervix through health education, providing cervical cancer screening and treatment services to the women in the local communities of the district, this project commenced in July 2017 and the planned end date is July 2020.

This pilot project is targeting the prevention of precancerous lesions from turning into cancer through the “See and Treat” methodology approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), by visual inspection with an acetic acid solution (VIA),

Trained health workers screen women in a low resource setting for precancerous lesions. If found VIA positive the woman is treated with cryotherapy or cold coagulation according to the single visit approach, to prevent precancerous lesions progression into cervical cancer. The method is cost effective and the required training is easily obtained.

Project vision

Women in Kagadi district have easy access to the ‘See and Treat’ services. This entails that they have a healthy reproductive system. The women actively participate in social –economic ventures for prosperity, peace, happiness, and freedom of themselves and their entire family.

Project outcomes

  1. Mass awareness among community stakeholders on cervical cancer prevention and see and treat services in Kagadi district.
  2. Kagadi Hospital and her Health facilities with competent health workers providing see and treat services in Kagadi district.
  3. At least 18000 women of 25- 49years in Kagadi district with healthy bodies.
  4. At least 90% of women with VIA-positive lesions are treated in the same screening visit by 2020.
  5. The Tell, See and Treat method to prevent cervical cancer is scaled up nationally during the project duration