URDT through its community radio (KKCR) aims to improve food security and to fight the implications of climate change.

It works with Farm Radio International (FRI) on three projects to:

  1. upscale Production and Consumption of Orange Flesh Sweet Potato (OFSP) through serialized drama,
  2. promote OFSP to curb Vitamin A Deficiency,
  3. promote Climate Smart and Nutrition Sensitive innovations.

The project also offers in-station training to broadcasters in partners radio stations, farm radio resource packs, an on- line Baraza which is a platform for interaction for radio broadcasters.

KKCR works with FRI with funding from Irish Aid on climate change:

  • to provide agricultural information on climate change,
  • to promote Quality Protein Maize (Longe 5) for its high nutritional value (see picture on top).

This campaign has influenced decisions of listening farmers to plant QPM.

KKCR has also received ICTs & in-station trainings for the broadcasters to improve on the quality of broadcasts.

The programme is implemented in partnership with:

  • the extension staff of Kibaale district local government,
  • four active listening communities for impact,
  • Nalweyo Seed Company NASECO,
  • Hoima Caritas Development Organisation HOCADEO,
  • Bulindi  Zonal Agricultural Research,
  • Development Institute-BUZARDI.