Besides the Ugandan National Curriculum, the school offers a comprehensive programme that enhances a diverse range of skills and shapes the learners’ character to become all-round and value driven transformational leaders. Below more details:

  1. Students are trained to provide leadership in back home projects such as sustainable agricultural practices, commercial farming, agro-processing, environmental protection, use of appropriate technologies and community development. This is done through workshops, debates, daily Foundation Course, essay writing, sports competitions, various clubs, science fairs, music, dance and drama.
  2. Students transfer their newly gained competencies through tailor-made parents workshops, back-home projects, popular theatre, radio programmes on Kagadi-Kibaale community radio (KKCR) owned by URDT and collaborative projects with other educational institutions.
  3. The school emphasizes the importance of science subjects and fine arts because it enhances analytical thinking, discipline and creativity.
  4. The school also supports students to develop model farm enterprises that act as centers of learning in the villages and to participate in local governance practices.