URDT aims to ensure respect, care, health and prosperity for the disadvantaged and marginalized groups like women, children and the disabled
URDT in particular focuses on:

  • Women empowerment
  • Gender and HIV/AIDS
  • Right to meaningful livelihoods through access to land
  • Peace and Community Cooperation
  • Empowering people with disabilities
  • Human rights based approach to programming


  • 654 girls educated in primary and secondary schools to become change agents in their homes and communities;
  • Over 10.000 community members HIV/AIDS prevention aware;
  • Over 5.000 clients advised on issues of human rights and land rights;
  • Over 100 meetings and workshops at village or parish level on issues of social justice;
  • 250 programmes on social justice issues aired on URDT’s community radio;
  • 52 councillors received training in handling rights abuse in their communities;
  • 60 district authorities were trained in the principles of human rights based approach to programming;
  • 3 Kagadi Marathons organized where women, supported by men, run 10km to promote peace at all levels
  • URDT is widely acknowledged by the larger community for its constructive role in creating peace and minimizing tribal conflicts.
  • Draft National Land Policy prepared and presented to the Ministry of Lands
  • Peace and greater transparency achieved
  • Women’s aspirations on land and land matters unveiled
  • School for children with disabilities supported with education materials, beddings and wheelchairs


  • Bunyoro anti-corruption coalition
  • Bunyoro Kingdom and other traditional leaders
  • FIDA
  • Legal Aid project
  • Uganda Human rights commission
  • Uganda Police
  • Uganda Land Alliance
  • many women, youth and the elderly groups in the region

170000 +

Students Reached

1000 +

Families Reached

30 +

Years of Service

50 +



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P.O BOX 24, Kagadi District, Uganda


Call Us: +256 414 256704


Email: info@urdt.net