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Students taking an examination  


A student discussing with the fellow students Agricultural practices : Soil erosion measures



Bazara John from Nkondo village

I am a S3 student. I joined the school in 2008 in S.1 as a day scholar. I found this school is good to study in especially as a day scholar because they provide us with lunch, allow us to do preps and teaching is good and encouraging.

Studying at this school has helped me to start my own garden where I have sweet potatoes, sugar cane and vegetables. We also keep animals like pigs and goats and also rear chicken.

I sell my crops and animals to get money for school fees and scholastic materials. I have also managed to build a temporary kitchen and contribute in maintaining cleanliness in our home and at the water source.

I request the school to continue giving us more practical skills and knowledge in rearing chicken and keeping goats, if possible to have a way of extending to us small capital to help us expand on our projects.

Namusisi Rebecca from Nkwirwa Village

I Joined TCSN in Senior 1 in 2011 as a boarder and enjoy the following at the school:
Good learning environment, Good cooperation between teachers and students, Good feeding, Good accommodation and Good teaching

The knowledge and skills I gained from the school have helped me; to start a vegetable garden where I planted cabbages, egg plants, carrots. I sell the vegetables to get some money and buy scholastic materials and part of it we eat to supplement on our diet, To construct bathe rooms and drying racks at home, to initiate family meeting at our home

I request the school if possible to be providing us with some seeds and seedlings for planting because sometimes it is not easy for us to get them from our villages. The school should provide us with more practical knowledge and skills in growing crops and rearing animals. Otherwise I am happy of the school because it is giving us good education and helping us to improve on our home situation.

Tigambirwa Harriet
I joined the school in 2011 in S.1 as a day scholar. I like the school because of the good food they give us during lunch, the good teaching by our teachers and good classrooms and furniture.

By studying in this school, I have managed to start a nursery bed for vegetables and rearing of domestic animals like pigs. I sell my seedlings and animals to get money to buy clothes, pens, books e.t.c.
To enable us to improve on our homes I suggest the school should have some people to be visiting our homes to give us more technical advices on how to improve on our home situations.