Volunteer supported projects

We can’t thank enough the many volunteers both from within Uganda and abroad, who have put in their time and other resources since URDT's inception.

In particular we would like to mention members of the AFPF family: Martha Dolben, Bryan Smith, Patty Seybold, Robert Fritz, Silvana Veltkamp, Susan Warshauer and Joel Yanowitz for their invaluable support to improve the human resource pool and financial situation at URDT and its institutions.

Special thanks to Dave Willet and his family for the enduring support to savings and credit cooperations and differently abled people (read more) in Kibaale District (read more).

Also special acknowledgment of the team from Elimu Foundation. Their volunters contributed their labour and finances to improve on the water harvesting system of the URDT Girls' School. In the process the URDT technicians improve their skills in plumbing and fixing gutters.

A relatively new partner is the Nourish International Chapter working with Georgia Tech and Hope College, USA. With support from one of the Old Girls from the URDT Girls School, the US abased volunteers have been a great support for the primary community school to improve sanitation and water harvesting. They also organised ‘edutianment ‘activities with the pupils that were both fun and great experiential learning.