MAAIF roots for agro-processing and marketing partnerships


The Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) in partnership with experts from Korea carried out a feasibility study on how the private sector can help in agro-processing and marketing strategy in Uganda in July 2014. While visiting URDT, Jin Soo Kim the project manager Agro-processing and marketing strategy in Uganda said they are moving to potential partners to see how the strategy can be promoted.
Kim with experts from the Ministry administered a questionnaire to URDT staff dealing in agriculture to establish possible interventions to promote Agro-processing and marketing. During the interview, key was how losses can be minimized in the entire production chain for maize.
Kim was impressed by the work being done at URDT Mini Estate processing plant based in Kagadi (see pictures). He said that the community in Kibaale is blessed with crucial ventures that help them increase on their incomes. Kim also said that they are moving to potential partners with whom they can work to ensure that farmers benefit from their activities.

URDT Mini-estate is already producing 12 types of both human and animal feeds from locally available ingredients. Mwalimu Musheshe the CEO URDT (in white shirt on picture) assured the team of experts that already URDT has begun the process of empowering farmers to stop selling maize grains but add value to increase on returns. “We are ahead in promoting agro-processing for the farmers so that they also benefit from the benefits of value addition,” said Musheshe.

The Mini Estate Processing Enterprise (MEPE) has also distributed quality protein maize seeds to farmers’ groups in Kibaale district to boost on their production and nutrition. Martha Agwang the Ag. Manager (in green blouse on bottom picture) said that they have given over 400 kilograms of Nalongo (quality protein maize)  and 2,000 kilograms of fertilizers to 40 demonstration farmers in the sub counties of Kyanaisoke, Kyenzige, Mabaale, Kabamba and Paacwa. Agwang advised farmers to plant so that they can get high yields and good quality of maize.

This is not the first time the MEPE is giving out quality maize seeds to farmers as the first step towards commercial farming. It has been the routine for 5 seasons to increase on the subscribers' household incomes through value addition practices and increased production volumes.

Most members have bought tarpaulines to dry their produce resulting in better quality grains and higher prices for their maize. The picture shows a proud farm family with part of their maize crop.