300 Youth present their social and economic ventures

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On 22nd  July 2014, the URDT campus was like a beehive: 300 youth from 10 schools, over 300 students from the URDT Girls School, Institute and African Rural University (ARU) and over 100 guests representing the National and Local Government, Bunyoro Kingdom, Business community, Ashoka, ARU, the partnerschools and local CSOs gathered to participate in the Every One A change Maker Inspire EventDSC06796 1347x898

 The 300 youth congregated to share and exhibit their change making stories which they put in practice in their communities. DSC06824 1347x898

The young innovators were guided by mentors trained by Ashoka and URDT.

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The invited guests also shared their entrepreneurial experiences in a series of speeches (see above) and during the group sharing (see below).

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 The youth venture programme aims to enable young people to learn early in life that they can lead social and economic change. It is based on 4 pillars:  Empathy, Leadership, Teamwork and Entrepreneurship. These are skills that can be learned in schools, like the URDT girls school demonstrates. DSC06926 1347x898

The District Education Officer pledged to support URDT and partnerschools to lobby and advocate to incorporate relevant skills training in the national curriculum and at teacher training colleges.

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For many years URDT promotes and practises a new approach to education that emphasis functional literacy skills and cooperation in the homes of the students enhanced by a shared vision.

URDT always looks for opportunities to influence and change the education system. So not surpisingly, URDT was among the first organizations in East Africa to join the Youth Venture Initiative as an Ashoka partner in 2013. 

LIke Ashoka, URDT beliefs that everyone can be a change maker and create a better world.

 The Youth Venture Initiative started by Ashoka, an international organization that identifies and supports Social Entrepreneurs; the Innovators for the Public. This is in recognition of the current education system that has does not inspire and support young people to gain relevant skills to become productive, healthy, happy and responsible citizens.

Early  2014 URDT was elected a Youth Venture Champion. Since then, she has worked with 10 schools in Kibaale District to support its pupils to grow their change making ideas into viable ventures.

We invite potential funders to contact us how to bring this everyone a changemaker programme of URDT to another level