Musheshe Food Tank Hero

ThinktankfoodheroFood Tank announced on October 12th 2013 Dr Mwalimu Musheshe as its Food Hero in the wake up to World Food Day.

WFD called attention to the crucial role that small-scale family farmers play in creating a more sustainable global food system. As the global population approaches nine billion by the year 2050, nourishing the world and preserving diminishing environmental resources presents a daunting challenge.

Food Tank highlights the many ways in which small-scale farmers - both urban and rural - are growing healthy, nutritious food for their communities while protecting the planet.

Mwalimu Musheshe, got the title of this Food Hero, as the CEO of the Uganda Rural Development and Training (URDT) Programme and founder of African Rural University, an all-women agricultural school.

Both initiatives educate their students about the importance of environmentally sustainable farming traditions while integrating some aspects of modern agriculture. Their focus is not on teaching agro ecological practices for the sake of environmental conservation alone, but also for producing more nutritious crops for communities.

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