ARU joins Inter University Council for East Africa

URDT congratulates its African Rural University upon her official associate membership of the Inter University Council for East Africa (IUCEA). Logo Inter University Council for East Africa

The Council brings together institutions for higher learning and facilitates internationally comparable education standards.

The resolution to admit ARU was reached upon on 24th June 2013 during an Executive committee meeting at City Hill Hotel in Bujumbura.

The IUCEA Act 2009 mandates the institution to advise the EAC Partner States on higher education matters, and to contribute towards:

  1. meeting national and regional developmental needs;
  2. developing quality assurance processes in order to ensure that teaching, learning and research in the region achieve and maintain international standards;
  3. assisting member universities and other higher education institutions to identify and implement good practices in institutional management and use of resources;
  4. developing human resource capacity in all disciplines of higher education in the Community; and
  5. promoting equal opportunities for all higher education students in East Africa, including those with special needs.

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