Authentic Leader Around the World

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  • In July 2013, the URDT campus buzzled with conversations about authentic leadership. Reason? Bob Anderson, a long term friend of URDT, offered a training in: ‘changing the Global Leadership mind’. He offered his, in the USA renown, leadership model to the leadership at URDT in Kagadi.
  • Participants received their leadership circle profiles and gained new insights in how to improve their competency and inner states of being for higher effectiveness at personal and work levels. The workshop allowed for serious reflection to improve self-awareness, authenticity, systems awareness, relating and achieving goals. The participants practiced old (visioning) and new tools to minimize reactive practices like complying, controlling and protecting. The courageous conversation proved a useful technique for authentic leadership.  
  • Most staff met Bob for the first time. Others, like Dr Musheshe, were happy to recall historical facts way back to the establishment of URDT. Bob was impressed by the model for rural transformation URDT developed over time. During a field visit, he acknowledged URDT's growth since the 1980's from hands on extension, that he witnessed in Kahunge, towards well-established education and training programmes that produce capable change agents to take up rural transformation roles. People like Peter Senge, Robert Fritz, Ephrem Rutaboba and Silvana Veltkamp were acknowledged as contributors to the URDT philosophy of rural transformation.
  • See Bob's testimony:;aq4s=15&aq4c=081513NewsletterCommunity&inf_contact_key=b7b1ac46aea500d229955600c8e3a5c4bfe217b62e701c7eee68bfb11a00d51b
  • The 3 day workshop ended with a big thank you to Bob Anderson. His past and present support to develop URDT into an effective vehicle for systemic change in rural communities is invaluable and highly appreciated.