GAPP results 2015

Governance Accountability Participation and Performance (GAPP)

Since 1st of January 2015, the URDT is implementing the Governance Accountability Participation and Performance (GAPP) Program in 16 sub counties in Kibaale District with support from USAID and UKAID.

The purpose of this program is to increase participation of at least 20.0000 men and women and demand for accountability of local governance for effective service delivery in Kibaale District.

The project uses information sharing through local FM stations, community dialogues, human rights bases approach to programming, capacity building workshops and community action planning as strategies to attain its goals.

As a result so far, the capacity of citizens and communities to participate in local governance and accountability process has improved. Citizens have been able to give voice to their aspirations and demand for accountability in diverse areas.

In particular:

  • the project enhanced the capacity of 60 elected and appointed leaders as duty bearers to deliver quality services at lower local government,
  • the project has organized Youth, Women, and People with Disability councils in 16 sub counties to take collective actions in demanding for their rights and integration in mainstream planning,
  • 32 community members (19 females and 13 males) from 16 sub counties were selected to monitor public spending,
  • Each sub county presented its 2015/2016 plans on radio programmes broadcasted on two local radio stations. They emphasised the role of each stakeholder and financial mangementof each project done by the sub counties,
  • 5 community dialogues on education, maternal health and operation for wealth creation were done in Kabamba, Nalweyo, Bwasnwa, Kyanaisoke and Burora sub counties and 231 males and 107 females attended, action plans were developed for implementation on agreed areas,
  • 7 accountability forums were conducted in 7 sub counties 417 males and 283 females attended and issues of value for money were clarified and other information relating to general development of sub counties was shared and an action plans for implementation were developed,


  • the health services have improved in Mabaale health center III, Kyamasega health center II, Kasambya health center III and Mugalama health center III,
  • the attendance of teacher in schools of Kabamba, Bwanswa, and Mugalama sub counties have improved considerably and sub counties now endavour to attain full enrolment of all school going children in schools.