Food Security

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Food security is key for sustainable development, so a key ingredient in URDT's programmes.

URDT uses the following parameters of Food Security:
ĽAvailability (in quantity and quality): Household food production, crop diversity and nutrients
ĽAccess: Percentage food expenditure to total household expenditures
ĽUtilisation: Degree of access to services (water, health and sanitation)
ĽStability: Stability of food prices and supply

URDT believes that all people have the right to access to healthy and nutritious food and to decide what they eat. This is the basic principle of food sovereignity.

We improve domestic food levels through supporting rural farmers in the production of healthy and nutritious food at a fair price.

URDT is involved in training, education, information sharing and research for food security and agro ecological practices for producing more nutritious and healthy crops.

This is done through: