Methodology for implementing the Epicenter Strategy

The core of URDT’s Epicenter strategy methodology is based on two main domains: the methodological and programmatic domain. The latter emerges from Community Action Planning. The URDT methodology has 3 fundamental results; at individual, Village, and Sub-county levels. The methodology recognizes that people are subjects, rather than the objects of development. It approaches people as repositories of valuable knowledge and information that must be used to improve their livelihoods and social situations and as such permits genuine democratic participation of villages. The methodology has demonstrated that more powerful results are achieved when people focus on “creating” and working towards a “desired outcome” rather than on “fixing problems”. The methodology is therefore suitable for rural development interventions, hence an appropriate Strategy for replication.

The Visionary Approach/ methodology has three fundamental competencies which are:

  1. Mastery of the principles of the creative process
  2. Mastery of systems thinking
  3. Mastery of Sustainable development (lasting change)

The Village Level Technologies for Creating Course: This is a course lasting 18 weeks, which is action-oriented and which helps people acquire the three masteries which they apply to create results at Sub-county level (political and technical staff), Village level, and individual level.

The Three Intervention Levels

The Sub-County: Epicenter Strategy is the bottom-up development paradigm: the individual and households are trained as change makers. They influence planning at the local government level, hence creating improved service delivery.

Purpose/ role:

  • To enable the s/c leadership in their quest to provide service deliverly with the use of an appropriate methodology, as they contextualize it be able to translate vision 2040 into programming
  • Shift in planning frame work from activity to results or outcome based planning. This requires new knowledge and skills to implement Sub County agendas in the fulfillment of Uganda Vision 2040. Technical and Political leaders are trained in the elements of the Visionary Approach to Programming. The result is that service delivery is enhanced.
  • To build capacities of the Sub County Staff and Political leaders to plan and implement programs that offer quality services in the communities in areas of: Health, Education, Agriculture and Environment for sustainable economic and social change.
  • We are introducing the Visionary Approach to help the team of S/C leaders to design people focused programming in concert with vision 2040. As this is done, it will be easy to attain sustainable development.

Service delivery can fail if individuals don’t know what they want. So using the HRBAP, We must have individuals who know what they want (Right claimants) and have service providers who know how to serve (duty bearers). Click here to read about how the Epicenter Strategy is implemented at household and village level