More about the Epicenter Strategy

The nucleus of change starts at the Individual, Household, Village then Sub County level, and radiates outward. That’s how the Epicenter phenomenon takes place.URDT Epicenter Strategy works with the local government starting with the Sub Counties to deploy resident Rural Transformation Specialists in the communities (ARU graduates) using the Rural Transformation Creed; Go to the People, Live with the People, Love the People, Work with the People to catalyze rural transformation, and at the end of the day, they will say that they did it themselves.From its inception, URDT worked with people as change agents and organizations with a potential to become centers of excellence. There was commitment to start in the villages, work with local leaders and organically roll out the Epicenter Strategy throughout Africa.

The Epicenter Vision:

“Every village in Kibaale district, and ultimately Africa, has at least one woman leader who is a specialist in catalyzing rural transformation from within the communities. She works closely with Community Based Epicenters, enabling the people starting from each individual in that community to be in the driver’s seat of their own development”.

The Epicenter terminology is derived from the analogy of earthquake ‘Epicenter’ where the tremor begins and spreads out. Without focusing on the negative impacts of earthquakes, the Epicenter concept in development is used positively. Development of villages takes that shape (positive impact) and the individual or household can be an Epicenter. The Sub County and Village are areas of collective learning and action. Therefore, the URDT Community Based Epicenter is a place where people come together to learn, discuss concepts, share ideas, and generate energy for focused action. There is testing, demonstrating and disseminating of good practices. The URDT envisioned Community Based Epicenters constitute:

  • A resource center (including meeting/ training room, internet café, library, office for Epicenter Manager and Para-extension Volunteers, Demonstrations of appropriate rural technologies like; Lorena Stoves, Water Jags, Solar dryers, Rope and washer micro irrigation technology, Fields to test and demonstrate sustainable agricultural and agri-business best practices)
  • Outreach facilities in the form of field demonstrations in centers of excellence owned by exemplar community members, such as: Construction of Water Sources, Schools, and Facilitating Groups like SACCOs.
  • Any other element that enhances the role of the community based epicenters

 This Strategy is designed to use the Visionary Approach which is the URDT methodology to build centers of Excellence at different levels; Sub County, Villages and Individual. Click here to read about the methodology for implementing the Epicenter strategy.