URDT was founded to address the missing link in development programmes, the merger of:

  • truly functional education;
  • consciousness and conscience raising;
  • skills training;
  • rural development interventions.

with the intent of empowering marginalized people living in rural communities in Uganda.

Since 1987, URDT has evolved, applied and tested a rural development methodology based on the principles of the creative process and systems thinking.

Rural development requires a resource base of people who are catalysts, subject matter specialists and energizers to work alongside marginalized communities to make change happen. To that effect, URDT:

  1. Has founded formal innovative education institutions that train young people to become catalysts of change by using the URDT methodology:
    The award winning URDT Girls School that uses the 2-generation approach to education;
    The award winning URDT Institute for Vocational Training and Youth Leadership;
    The African Rural University
  2. Adopted a primary and secondary community schools to pilot test the 2-generation approach in a community school setting;
  3. Training and Sending Epi Center Managers in the community to create a critical change;
  4. Manages an award winning community radio station: KKCR 91.7 FM to raise shift mindsets and develop commitment to fundamental change in thinking and action;
  5. Developed capacity of non state actors and local government for greater impact.

URDT-ARU holds a staff
conference with an aim of
orienting staff on the core
principles of the organization

URDT institute graduates are
championing entrepreneurship in
the communities

Graduates urged to seek
self-employment during
the African Rural University
4th Graduation ceremony

African rural university
Students clean Kagadi town
streets and market in a move
to keep the Town Council clean

Robert Fritz
Trains Over 200 URDT Staff and
Community Leaders on Visionary
Leadership at URDT

URDT Cervical Cancer project Launched
in Kagadi on the 26th January 2018 at URDT

Government of Uganda praises URDT
for transforming the youth and the country

H.E president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
Commissioned the Kagadi Kibaale Media House
On 13th November 2015, at URDT campus

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Upcoming Major Events



  • Training of URDT Board and Managers of Workshops on Management and Sustainability of the Institute by Tools to Work On 20th/01/2018

  • Installation and launch of KKC TV at the media house.

  • Launching of the WASH project (construction of micro flush toilets, installation of water purification systems and construction of washrooms) that URDT will implement with support from Rotary international.

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URDT and ARU Management has held its Staff Conference for 2019
URDT Institute Students during their Welding classes
Institute Hands on
Institute Hands on
View of URDT Campus
Our Campus
Our Campus
Cervical cancer project
Training Cervical cancer nurses
Training Cervical cancer nurses
pupils in their farms
Pupil Managed School Farm
Pupil Managed School Farm
URDT embraces culture
Cultural Asset center
Cultural Asset center
KKCR Acts as a forum for participation and information sharing for rural transformation
Information Sharing by KKC Radio
Information Sharing by KKC Radio
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